If you're thinking about selling in 2018, make sure you hire the right agent. Here are the top questions we've been asked: 

1. How many years of real estate experience do you have in this market? How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood in the last 6 months? How about in my city? 

2. What percentage of your sales are listings? Are you the lead listing agent on all those sales? 

3. Do you work on a team? If so, how many team members & what are their roles? Who will I work with and who will cover showings when you are unavailable? 

4. What is the average DOM for your listings? What is the average sale price of your listings? 

5. What sets your listings & marketing apart from other Realtors in your area? How will you market my property? 

6. Do you use a professional to stage and photograph your listings? Who covers that expense? 

7. Are you a Realtor or real estate agent? 

8. Have you ever had an ethics complaint filed against you? 

9. Can I talk to the most recent person whose home you sold?

10. What's your policy if I decide I want to cancel our contract before it's up?